Most Popular Flower Arrangements

The art of flower arrangement is often used by creative artists and the best florist in Memphis. Beautiful flower arrangements are not only achieved using exotic flowers, but locally available flowers can also achieve superior flower arrangements. Simple flowers, including wild ones, can also be used to make magical creations. Flower arrangements can exist in various forms, depending on the shape of that particular arrangement, the focal point or point of focus, and the different types of fillers used. In this regard, there are many flower arrangements and below are some of them.

Horizontal Flower Arrangement

Just as the name suggests, the flowers are arranged horizontally using a shallow container to hold the flowers. One big flower is used as the focal point while the remaining smaller, drooping flower branches make a beautiful addition to the sides of the container. The container can be a basket or any other object shallow enough to hold flowers and ensure they remain visible. Rose is commonly used as the large, main flower or focal point to achieve the intended display. Since these forms of arrangements are often very low, they are most suited for table decorations. In fact, most centerpiece decorations you’ll find in people’s homes are horizontal flower arrangements. They can make a beautiful addition to your home decor.

Vertical Flower Arrangement

Unlike the short, horizontal type, this is a very tall kind of flower arrangement, with very tall flower leaves and stems. Examples of flowers suitable for this kind of arrangement include tulips and carnations, but roses can also be used to achieve the design. Shorter types of fillers can be used to ensure the style looks balanced. They also form a beautiful addition to your décor, but may also be used outdoors.

Oval Flower Arrangement

Just as the oval shape, this design is most conspicuous in the middle. The center has the tallest and the brightest flowers. The size and color of flowers tend to reduce gradually by a varying degree towards the container’s sides. Since the oval shape adds a formal touch to the flower arrangement, it is commonly used in formal settings.

Triangular Flower Arrangement

This arrangement intends to achieve the triangular shape by using the flowers with the tallest stem in the middle, and the ones with smaller stems on the side. Weddings commonly use this type of arrangement to enhance aesthetic appeal.

Crescent Flower Arrangement

The arrangement adopted its name from the crescent shape the moon assumes during certain times of the year. Curved flower stems are mostly used to achieve the crescent shape. The crescent shape also varies depending on how large you want the size to be. Gladiola and carnations are some of the flexible-stem flowers that are commonly used to achieve the desired crescent shape. These arrangements make some of the best coffee table decorations. They are great if you want to enhance the visual appeal of your coffee table and room in general.

Therefore, whether you are looking to add some beauty to your home or crown a wedding event or official function, it is best to choose a flower arrangement that suits a particular occasion.